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May 23. 2022 3 comments

Africa_our motherland based with caring and loving mothers

Africa our motherland.Blessed with loving and caring mothers Who always work hard to provide,Who serves us with food with all nutrients. Hunting and gathering started with you ,All types of wild fruits made us healthy. Wild meat provide us with high protein,Cooked in our traditional claypots. Under grass thatched kitchens,Making sure that their children are full. No word can exaggerate such care,No word can exaggerate such a beauty. The black beauty remain our own favorite,If option is given Black remain my favorite. Black women who are so adorable,Are all God given,his number 1 choice. Even the sun confirmed your beautiful with its morning smile. Africa my land,Land of victory and hope. Beat the drum and call your children to rejoice
Let your wounds mark the victories you have won
As we commemorate Africa day let's improve our businesses
Marketing is at the forefront of embracing digitalisation
We help you fit in the new world and take this chance to boost your businesses in Africa #GoDigitalAfrica #GodigitalZimbabwe

May 23. 2022 7 comments

Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

Without a digital marketing strategy, you are hitting an arrow in the dark. Businesses today need a digital marketing strategy to guide them in a certain direction. The first step is to identify clear marketing goals. These include increased brand awareness, clicks to the website and an overall increase in conversions paving the way to customer loyalty.

May 23. 2022 3 comments

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the new Cirriculum at schools

Schools use a diverse set of ICT tools to communicate, create, disseminate, store, and manage information. In some contexts, ICT has also become integral to the teaching-learning interaction, through such approaches as replacing chalkboards with interactive digital whiteboards, using students’ own smartphones or other devices for learning during class time, and the “flipped classroom” model where students watch lectures at home on the computer and use classroom time for more interactive exercises.When teachers are digitally literate and trained to use ICT, these approaches can lead to higher order thinking skills, provide creative and individualized options for students to express their understandings, and leave students better prepared to deal with ongoing technological change in society and the workplace.ICT issues planners must consider include: considering the total cost-benefit equation, supplying and maintaining the requisite infrastructure, and ensuring investments are matched with teacher support and other policies aimed at effective ICT use.